Why Worship Better?

Spiritual Nutrition

nutrition label What if worship songs came with a nutrition label? The contents of each worship service are shaping our congregations' faith, and especially so when it comes to worship music. Spiritual growth, including our congregation's formation and perspectives, will always be deeply impacted by the contents of our worship services, very similar to how nutrients affect the physical health of our bodies.

I sensed there was a real spark here: would it make worship pastors' jobs easier, richer, and better if they could have a web app—right at their fingertips—for considering, tracking, and thinking through the spiritual/theological “nutrients” of our worship planning choices?

Honestly, the need is real. How many worship pastors nowadays have been able to go to seminary? It's true that great worship theology has been worked out and scrutinized over decades by top academics, but buying and reading those books may be something most worship pastors simply haven't got time for. The tyranny of the urgent keeps winning out! Finding a replacement bassist at the last minute, scrambling on Saturday to fit in that great song our senior pastor just thought of—you know how it goes.

What actually makes for a “good job” in worship planning, in leading our congregations using music? Is doing a good job mostly about the music sounding good? What about the contents, the sung prayers we are putting on the lips of God's people? What does it mean to shepherd God's people well as a worship pastor? Of course the aim is to plan the best songs for our church to sing. Is there a way to track that? As mobile tech continues to revolutionize so many things about our daily lives, what about worship planning? Why couldn't there be an app for that? Could there be an app that really makes a difference, helping worship leaders carefully think through and track the contents of their sung worship?

At Worship Better, that's what we are building. We're taking the best principles of worship theology, distilling them down, and putting them into an easy-to-use app. The vision is for worship pastors everywhere to be able to more easily identify songs that will put exactly the right expression to the congregation's praise and responses to the Lord—songs that are powerful in biblical imagery, sound in theology, beautiful musically, and more.

I'm excited about the potential for community and interaction with what we're building, too. Think how amazing it would be to have other wise worship pastors and theologians sitting with you as you prepare a worship service. The interaction will be sort of like that. What are other worship pastors saying about a song? They may have found strengths in a song that you've missed before. Or a seminary professor may help show various questionable points that had been tough to catch before.

Heart for the Church

little church in the woods Our heart is to see churches thriving. I'm excited at the potential in what we're building—to help churches sing and be shaped by beautiful, rich, and thoughtful worship song selections. What a powerful way to edify, build up, challenge, encourage, and strengthen the people of God to walk as children of the light, to set their minds on things above, and to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ! I believe our site will offer real, hands-on, useable guidance that enriches worship planning. And out of that churches will grow in their vision of Christ's Kingdom, knowing God's character, and who we are in Him. What we sing together can and should impact the hearts of God's people at the deepest level.

Now, transforming hearts is the work of the Holy Spirit, purely, solely, ultimately, divinely. No website or app can guarantee any kind of spiritual impact on your congregation. Period. It is the Spirit's work. Nevertheless, the Lord does place the mantle of leadership upon our shoulders. He entrusts the congregation and their care into our hands. Wisdom on our part or lack thereof can lead either to our flock thriving or withering.

I see worshipbetter.com first and foremost as a tool for wisdom in worship planning. At its core, the goal is to support worship pastors as they work hard to lead a thriving flock.

It's a tool for intentionality. It's a tool to facilitate pastoral thoughtfulness; to enrich the role of worship design and planning for your congregation.

Your church loves to worship the Lord. And we know you cherish the role of leading and planning for them. I believe the Lord has his hand on our project, and the result will be greater intentionality, wisdom, encouragement, joy, confidence, and thoughtfulness for worship pastors in their divine calling to love and shepherd God's people. That's what worshipbetter.com is all about.