Rishmawy: Don't Give Up on Bible Interpretation

As we watch postmodernism continue to rise today we can identify its effects more clearly than ever. One critical effect is undercutting the meaning of written texts (the Bible included--or perhaps especially). Can it be that meaning and truth are strictly relative?

For us as Christians, as the ones who celebrate that the Bible is both God's story and our story, the claim that we can't know or really understand what any verse truly means can be terribly detrimental.

"What does this verse mean to you?"

"Well that's not what it means to me!"

As pastor, author, blogger, and doctoral student Derek Rishmawy reminds us, we're in good company--people argued with Jesus about the Bible's meaning too.

True Understanding Is Possible

Says Rishmawy, "There is truth in the text, and we can know it. Why? Because Jesus said so." The teaching of Jesus recorded in the Bible is that there is a correct meaning to be reached and understood in studying the Bible. Good hermeneutics may not be easy, but it is possible.

I was encouraged today by reading Rishmawy's clear insight on the subject. I highly encourage you to check it out here.