Hicks: Meeting with God and Renewing our "I Do's"

How does worship renew our vows with God?

I think most of us have heard more statistics about the decline of marriage than we care to remember.

50% end in divorce. We hear the statistics on the decline of marriage all too often. And even though there is good evidence that the real divorce number for Christians is much lower, I know we all deeply long to see the percentage of healthy marriages growing and continuing to grow.

Most of us have also been hearing the statistics on the decline of Christianity in America in the last few


Light & Life

Devotional: LIGHT & LIFE

Christ the Savior is born. Bethlehem of Judea has beheld the One born full of grace and truth. How great our joy! There’s excitement all around and within us.

Through Advent we prepared for his arrival. We made ready our hearts to worship the King. We took care not to miss his coming.  With the shepherds, we heard the wondrous herald angels singing praises, giving glory to God in the highest, and in our hearts, we ran into Bethlehem with them to gaze in amazement upon the newborn King. We couldn’t dare


Toward Real Engagement: Worship Pastor as Servant

church interior blurred

Shepherding and Serving

As those who shepherd God’s people through musical worship, there are many principles and convictions which need to drive us. Of these, one of the most important is serving. To serve the congregation by facilitating their worshipful engagement with God is the core driving principle in the pastoral musician’s role.

Like any pastoral ministry, worship leading is serving. We know our task is to serve the congregation, but every so often, amid the hustle and bustle of week by week planning, we need to be reminded of this. We may be busy knocking


Lifting Up Holy Hands

worshipper raising a hand

I Just Want To Praise

Biblical worship comes from the heart, from the very core of our being, as we respond to who God is and what he has done. But in this post, I want to highlight a biblical perspective on engaging our body physically in worship expression as well.

Worship Leader, author and teacher Tom Kraeuter states, "Worship is wholehearted, passionate adoration of our Creator/Redeemer." In my own studies on worship, I have come to the conclusion that worship is predominately an action. Worship is a verb! Worship calls for participation. Psalm 133 states, "How


Wilt: Joy, Facial Expressions, and Visual Leadership

Gotta Look Cool

Quick! Think of a situation (outside of church) where you can readily find musicians playing their instruments and smiling at the same time.

It’s not the norm nowadays, is it? We much more commonly see facial expressions that communicate some mixture of concentration, angst, smugness, pride, or the general impression of being too-cool-for-school.

What about when we play music in the church? We know that our goal is encouraging the worship of God’s gathered people, but are we conscious that our facial expressions are part of that? As Dan Wilt so helpfully reminds