Light & Life

Devotional: LIGHT & LIFE

Christ the Savior is born. Bethlehem of Judea has beheld the One born full of grace and truth. How great our joy! There’s excitement all around and within us.

Through Advent we prepared for his arrival. We made ready our hearts to worship the King. We took care not to miss his coming.  With the shepherds, we heard the wondrous herald angels singing praises, giving glory to God in the highest, and in our hearts, we ran into Bethlehem with them to gaze in amazement upon the newborn King. We couldn’t dare


Lifting Up Holy Hands

worshipper raising a hand

I Just Want To Praise

Biblical worship comes from the heart, from the very core of our being, as we respond to who God is and what he has done. But in this post, I want to highlight a biblical perspective on engaging our body physically in worship expression as well.

Worship Leader, author and teacher Tom Kraeuter states, "Worship is wholehearted, passionate adoration of our Creator/Redeemer." In my own studies on worship, I have come to the conclusion that worship is predominately an action. Worship is a verb! Worship calls for participation. Psalm 133 states, "How


The Church — A Unified Force

a diverse congregation of worshippers

The Church

The church, as described in the New Testament, began with a group of people who were dedicated to the resurrected Christ. These Christ followers, later called Christians, were filled with passion in their souls and fire in their hearts. Founded by Jesus Christ, built upon by the preaching and teaching of the apostles, and spread abroad through persecution and missionary zeal, Christianity today has reached into almost every part of the inhabited globe.

Along with the spread of Christianity came diversity in worship. This is only natural as different cultures, generations, and personalities strive to worship


All About That Word

Holy Bible on  the Pulpit

The Bible is Central

The Bible has always been central to the life of the Christian church. The ancient Hebrew stories, songs, prophecy and wisdom that saturated the Jewish world of Jesus’ day greatly shaped even Jesus himself as he lived on the earth. The earliest Christians explored the Scriptures in an attempt to understand what Almighty God had accomplished through Jesus, and as a result, they planned to shape their lives accordingly. Today, we continue to study the Scriptures to discover how to live and thus, how to worship.

Scripture has never been merely a reference book


Songs of Belief

what you sing, you believe

The ancient church had a Latin phrase: lex orandi, lex credendi. It essentially means: the way in which we worship is the way in which we believe. Our worship shapes our faith. As we worship God our hearts are being formed by the pattern, words and actions of worship. There is an alteration of that phrase that states: lex cantandi, lex credendi ; the way in which we sing is the way in which we believe. Our songs shape our faith.

Faith Formation

The songs we sing are critically important to the faith forming within us. Whether we realize