Worship pastors face a wide variety of challenges. All too often the truly important can be pushed aside by the tyranny of the urgent. The demands of performance, or the practical realities of coordinating a team of musicians can (and often do) take priority over deep consideration of the theological impact of song selections. is a web app (still in development) that aims to help worship pastors bridge the gap between the practical and the theological demands of effective worship planning... And here at, the Worship Better team, along with our friends and supporters, will publish thoughts surrounding this same topic.

Our goal is to help provide wisdom, guidance, and community to help worship leaders cultivate truthful, God-centered worship in their congregations.

Our vision is to see the Church thriving through worship that is both vital and engaging.

Our prayer is that the result will be Spirit-empowered intentionality, wisdom, encouragement, joy, confidence, and thoughtfulness for worship leaders in their divine calling to love and shepherd God’s people.